Sprout and Rescue

Branding • Campaign

Do you like Brussels sprouts?
No kid in the world would respond positively to this question.


How do we explain to kids that the smelly Brussel sprout is better than it looks? How hard is it to convince them to eat their 5-a-day and see healthy food as a better and tasty option? If you ask this question to a parent he/she is very likely to cry, If you can answer it you could be a hero!

How to act

“Engage” is the magic word with kids. You can attract their attention with structured and fun activities, which will give you the chance to pass them the real message. But to convince them to participate you must create a bridge that will link your world with theirs, all through ad hoc campaigns targeting kids and adults in different ways.

Bespoken bags provided to carry your greens

Let’s play a game

Sprout is lost, all his friends are looking for him.
Will you help them?

While walking around the neighbourhood in teams, the kids will have to complete some tasks. Once they succeed, as an award, they will be provided with some ingredients in a bag. All the bags will be branded and will display some interesting information about the products inside to arouse kids curiosity. 

Curiosity must be the driving force of the days, the sparkle that makes all gears move. May those who possess it hold on tight to it, and those who have lost it work hard to find it again.

Student project


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