Yaki Yaki

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Have you ever heard of a fish-shaped waffle called YAKI?

Yaki Yaki is an exciting quick-service food restaurant that has recently opened in London’s Covent Garden. Offering a range of taiyaki – a traditional fish shaped Asian waffle treat – this fun brand has proven to be extremely popular with locals, businesses, tourists, theatregoers and food influencers looking to experience the next big food concept.


Opening a new shop is never easy in the very busy food market of central London, especially if the product you are launching still need to emerge as the superstar it is. Create the right balance between the multiple generations and cultures that are walking the streets of Covent Garden every day is a great challenge.

How to act

As any brand YAKI YAKI needed to be fresh, recognisable and catchy, but even more important was to make it unforgettable. This is how YAKI was born. Becoming the “face” of the brand in all the its aspects, from the logo to menu items and an infinite source of inspiration for social media assets.

Very recognisable on social media


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